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As Web Portals take on increasing importance, particularly in creating self-service access for customers, business partners and employees, the need for enhanced security is growing rapidly. Critical information, ranging from high-value financial transactions, to customer order status and shipping dates, account balances and billing information, can now be accessed from any Web browser. This easy and ubiquitous access makes it easier to get information, but it also exposes organizations to new security risks. Existing security methods, such as SSL, don't provide critical security features as encryption, digital signatures and auditable logs of transactions within critical applications.

The SecureMethods Difference

SecureMethods has developed an innovative new approach to security that works at a variety of levels, providing you with transaction level security for your Web Portals. Our solution provides encryption, authentication, authorization and audit capabilities for all web-enabled applications. It eliminates the need for passwords while also protecting you from the problems inherent in IIS and WindowsTM server flaws.

The SecureMethods solution has been developed to address the issues of deployment and cost of advanced security solutions. Using an application-based implementation, the SecureMethods solution is unique in its ability to significantly reduce the cost of deployment and increase the ease of use for Web Portal users and trading partners.

Features and Benefits

When protecting information and transactions accessed via Web Portals, it is critically important to be able to authenticate, authorize and track the users accessing information. The SecureMethods Gateway/Client Solution provides strong encryption for high value financial transactions, as well as additional layers of security through digital signatures and auditable transaction logs. Trading partners and customers easily gain the highest levels of protection at low cost.

But the best part is that SecureMethods requires no behavioral change on the part of users. Once the solution is installed, it is completely transparent and requires no user intervention. As organizations accelerate the movement of critical applications to the web, and as web portals and electronic transactions grow in importance, SecureMethods' solution will evolve to provide provide automated security management, allowing organizations to maximize their return on investment and significantly lower their total cost of ownership.

The SecureMethods Solution for Web Portals provides:

  • Total security at the transaction level, not just the session level, including:
    • Strong encryption
    • User authentication
    • User authorization
    • Digital Signatures
    • Transaction audit capabilities
  • Support for all web-enabled applications, including ERP, CRM and sales force automation applications
  • Eliminates the need for passwords and the inherent security risks associated with them caused by lax users
  • Ease of use: security functions are transparent and easy to use for the end user, requiring no behavioral or process changes.
  • Automated security management tasks ease administration
  • Lower total cost of ownership: achieve strong authentication of users and security management at up to 90% less than competitive offerings.
  • Reduced administration: once installed the security services provided by SecureMethods are virtually invisible to end-users and easily managed at the corporate level thru SecureMethods CA Subscription service.
  • Increased scalability: using SecureMethods CA Subscription service for authentication and authorization of users, security administration can be significantly reduced compared to pre-shared key implementations or those that make use of tokens.

SecureMethods Web Portal solution is easily deployed in less than 30 days in most organizations. And because we make the SecureMethods Client software available at no-charge, you can easily extend the strongest levels of security to your trading partners at little or no cost.

User Success Story

A leading specialty manufacturer that successfully implemented SAP's R3 web-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution had a requirement to allow trading partners access to it's order entry and tracking system using a web portal. Unfortunately, the large transactions that needed to be conducted through the web portal would not be sufficiently secured through traditional SSL/VPN and password protected methods. They turned to SecureMethods Web Portal Solution to provide the level of security required. Capitalizing on the SM Gateway and no-cost SM Client solution, the company was able to deploy a highly secure, encrypted and digitally signed web portal solution within 30 days, allowing trading partners to enter orders with complete security.

The Challenge

If this level of security is needed for your web portals we offer two services that will prove to you that the next generation is the only viable option. SecureMethods will come to your site and help you develop an evaluation program, or we can provide a free security assessment and show you how our solutions can meet you Web Portal needs.

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