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The Business Need
Despite the immense productivity gains made possible by the use of the Web, E-mail and electronic access to critical documents, these gains are frequently overcome by delays in obtaining handwritten signatures for important transactions. Electronic digital signatures make it possible to safely conduct large transactions using the Web and E-mail. Until now, however, their use has been limited to large organizations that have put in place notoriously complex and difficult to use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementations.

The SecureMethods Difference

SecureMethods has developed an innovative new approach to digital signatures that eliminates the need to implement a complex PKI solution. The SecureMethods Gateway/Client products are an easy-to-deploy solution that enables digitally signed and fully auditable transactions without user intervention or business process changes. Unlike other solutions that only provide digital signatures for each session, SecureMethods signs each transaction to provide the highest level of security possible.

In addition to providing a complete Digital Signature solution utilizing X.509 user credentials, the industry's most secure signature, our solution also provides encryption, authentication, authorization and audit capabilities for all transactions. In addition to providing these benefits, SecureMethods also eliminates the need for passwords while protecting you from the problems inherent in IIS and Windows™ server flaws.

The SecureMethods solution has been developed to address the issues of deployment and cost of advanced security solutions and is unique in its ability to significantly reduce the cost of deployment and increase the ease of use.

Features and Benefits

The SecureMethods Gateway/Client Solution provides the industry's broadest range of digital signature capabilities. It can be deployed within a matter of days and can be configured to easily handle virtually any security requirement. SecureMethods Digital Signature solution is the only product that can provide a wide range of security, including:

  • Encrypted Digitally Signed Transactions
  • Encrypted Token-based Digitally Signed Transactions
  • Encrypted Token-based Digitally Signed Biometric Transactions

Whether you're looking to implement a basic digital signature capability, or provide a very sophisticated token and biometric solution, SecureMethods can help you get there quickly and easily.

One of the most important aspects of our solution is that SecureMethods requires no behavioral change on the part of users. Once the solution is installed, it is completely transparent and requires no user intervention.

The SecureMethods Solution for Digital Signatures provides:

  • Total security at the transaction level, not just the session level, including:
    • Strong encryption
    • User authentication
    • User authorization
    • Digital Signatures
    • Transaction audit capabilities
  • More Efficient Processing of Documents
    • SecureMethods Digital Signatures can reduce paperwork, travel and delays in processing and delivery costs.
  • Reduced Possibility of Fraud, Forgery and Impersonation
  • Digitally signed audit capabilities that provides enforceable proof of access and transmission
  • X.509 Certificate-based approach
  • Ease of use: security functions are transparent and easy to use for the end user, requiring no behavioral or process changes.
  • Automated security management tasks ease administration
  • Lower total cost of ownership: achieve strong authentication of users and security management at up to 90% less than competitive offerings.

SecureMethods Digital Signature solution is easily deployed in less than 30 days in most organizations.

Implementation Example

Organizations such as insurance companies are undertaking significant initiatives to reduce the amount of paper in their transactions with agent and adjustor networks around the country. Unfortunately, many of these efforts have been unsuccessful due to the need to have "wet" signatures on many transactions. By implementing SecureMethods Digital Signature solution, however, it is possible to rapidly and economically deploy digital signatures to agents and adjustors. Replacing wet signatures with digital signatures can significantly reduce the amount of paper transactions and dramatically improve security.

The Challenge

If you're looking to implement Digital Signatures in your organization, we offer two services that will prove to you that the next generation is the only viable option. SecureMethods will come to your site and help you develop an evaluation program, or we can provide a free security assessment and show you how our solutions can meet you Digital Signature needs.

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