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The rapid growth of the Internet has fueled the need for increased network security as more information is shared among and between business partners. Increasingly, it is of critical importance for businesses and government to know to a high degree of confidence exactly who is receiving mission critical information.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is the best available form of authentication for network applications. However, first generation PKI products have failed to effectively address this need. First generation products have two critical flaws.

  • They are expensive to use and deploy. Typically, customers pay for both a server license and a per user seat license each year. This makes these products expensive to deploy both internally and externally. Additionally, these products require hiring a full time security expert to manage the ongoing security infrastructure.
  • They are difficult to use. These products require the end user to be aware of the security application and invoke the software to ensure the information is secured, and require IT professionals to modify existing applications.

SecureMethods, with the next generation of PKI solutions, removes both obstacles to deployment. SecureMethods products provide a complete security solution and are:

  • Unmatched in cost effectiveness
  • Unmatched in ease of use

Furthermore, SecureMethods has designed its applications so that the end user does not need to even be aware that PKI is in place, nor do existing applications require any modification to enable full PKI authentication and authorization to work.

The Concern The SM Product

Losing critical files and information


SM Client™ enables users to securely encrypt and digitally sign critical files.

Protecting sites containing sensitive information


SM Gateway™ identifies and authenticates users based on certificates that SM CA™ generates.

SM Gateway™ securely protects sensitive sites and the critical information they contain by ensuring that only properly registered users can access these sites.

Maintaining an audit trail or
ensuring traceability


SM Gateway™ automatically logs and reports all attempts to access protected sites.

Cumbersome security practices


SM Client™ enables uses to quickly and easily encrypt and digitally sign files and attachments. Users can easily install the certificates that SM Gateway™ uses to transparently identify them. This means that users do not have to stop and log into a site that SM Gateway™ protects.

This ease of use helps to reinforce the best security practices and ensures that they are consistently employed.

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