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SecureMethods is an easily deployed, transparent transaction-level security solution for high value web-based applications. SecureMethods' unique architecture provides strong security without requiring any action or intervention on the part of users or system administrators because it runs below the browser and on the edge of the network. The result is a transparent, easily deployed environment that is highly flexible and secure.

Using SecureMethods, you can:

  • Provide legally enforceable, auditable digital signatures for each transaction, not just a session
  • Assure that each transaction includes strong encryption to ensure privacy
  • Provide an embedded PKI capability for comprehensive security and easy deployment
  • Easily protect e-commerce servers and desktops
  • Secure e-mail and desktops without creating a breach in firewalls

SecureMethods overcomes the many limitations of existing security solutions by making it easy and safe to implement transaction-level security without requiring an expensive PKI implementation or making the end user become a "security expert."

The table below illustrates four of the most popular solutions our clients require.

The Business Need The SM Solution

Replace costly, difficult to implement VPN schemes with a less expensive and more secure solution


Our Next Generation Security Infrastructure secures transactions using a robust new architecture. It overcomes the limitations of PKI and SSL by providing the level of security appropriate to each organization and each transaction.

A low-cost, easy-to-deploy PKI solution that provides security for today's complex environment


Our Embedded PKI™ Infrastructure provides encryption, authentication, authorization and audit capabilities for all transactions.

Safely use the Web and e-mail to conduct large transactions


Our Digital Signature Solution enables digitally signed, auditable transactions without user intervention or business process changes.

Protect critical information made available via the Web for customers, business partners and employees


Our Web Portal Solution works at a variety of levels to provide encryption, authentication, authorization and audit capabilities for all web-enabled applications.


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