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To address the limitations of traditional security approaches such as passwords and user ID's, many companies have attempted to implement complex encryption-only solutions and Public Key Infrastructures based on outmoded products and architectures. Little success has been achieved because these technologies are deployed using a session management approach, instead of a transaction-oriented approach. These traditional approaches, based on VPN schemes like SSL, are hard to implement and require complex integration with a variety of web services and application servers - and they still don't get the job done.

The SecureMethods Difference

Secure Methods has developed the next generation of security infrastructure based on the concept of securing transactions using a robust new architecture. This new approach overcomes the limitations of PKI and SSL implementations by providing you with the level of security appropriate to your organization, and to each individual transaction.

SecureMethods Gateway/Client solution seamlessly integrates with new and existing applications and provides a wide range of security features, including encryption, access control, digital signatures and automatic auditing in one product. With SecureMethods, there's no need for multiple servers or multiple security products.

Features and Benefits

SecureMethods is an easily deployed, transparent transaction-level security solution for the enterprise. SecureMethods' unique architecture provides strong security without requiring any action or intervention on the part of users or system administrators because it runs below the browser and on the edge of the network. The result is a transparent, easily deployed environment that is highly flexible and secure.

SecureMethods consists of two components; a gateway appliance component and a client component that runs in the system tray on the desktop. The SM Gateway decrypts, verifies, authorizes, and audits inbound submissions and requests, and encrypts and signs outbound responses. SM Gateways™ perform all authorization checking by comparing the originator's signature with a system resource access control list (ACL) to verify validity of the requested submission or retrieval operation. This system supports standard web, email, and other application servers, and authorization checking, transaction, and administrative interfaces. The SM Gateway™ seamlessly interoperates with both VeriSign and Entrust, and supports X.509 certificates and LDAP at both the client and server levels.

The SM Client™ Software resides on the client machine that sits on an untrusted network. It runs under the user interface and secures transactions prior to transmission and verifies received data prior to display to the user. The SM Client™ Software, which is provided at no cost, performs these functions without the need for any user action or knowledge. This approach not only facilitates deployment and system use, but also allows the seamless and secure deployment of new cryptographic algorithms and communications protocols.


  • Protection for existing application servers and databases with no modifications
    to servers
  • Security for your LAN, WAN, Web servers, and persistent connections (telnet,
    FTP, SSL)
  • Provides "embedded" Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) through X.509 version 1 and
    3 certificates
  • Compatible with VeriSign and Entrust certificates
  • Easy to maintain ACL to restrict read, write, and delete access to protected web
    applications, URLs, and files
  • Wide variety of strong encryption algorithms supported, including commercial
    (1024-bit RSA, 3-DES, AES) and Government type 1 classified
  • SLFTP for secure large file transfers.
  • Smart card or memory key authentication tokens supported
  • Secure wireless network options for remote VPN + signature access
  • Hardware and software provided, configured and installed by security experts
  • Ease of use: security functions are transparent and easy to use for the end user, requiring no behavioral or process changes.
  • Automated security management tasks eases administration
  • Lower total cost of ownership: achieve strong authentication of users and security management at up to 90% less than competitive offerings.
  • Reduced administration: once installed the security services provided by SecureMethods are virtually invisible to end-users and easily managed at the corporate level thru SecureMethods CA Subscription service.
  • SecureMethods Digital Signature solution is easily deployed in less than 30 days in most organizations.

User Success Story

In the post 9/11 environment, many defense contracting firms have been challenged to implement enhanced security infrastructures in order to better secure transactions with the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. A specialty software development firm focusing on providing solutions for the intelligence community faced particular challenges as their workload increased in the run-up to the recent military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. By implementing the SecureMethods Next Generation Security Infrastructure, they have been able to economically achieve the highest levels of security available, including encryption and token-based, biometrically authenticated digitally signed transactions that allows them to communicate securely with their customers in the intelligence community around the globe.

The Challenge

If you're looking to implement a Next Generation Security Infrastructure in your organization, we offer two services that will prove to you that the next generation is the only viable option. SecureMethods will come to your site and help you develop an evaluation program, or we can provide a free security assessment and show you how our solutions can meet you Digital Signature needs.


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