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EmeSec Incorporated understands that information security is evolving toward competitive business practices requiring security assurances for legal, regulatory, and reasons of reputation. As technology advances, IA work will increasingly involve risk algorithms and specialized knowledge in data and information transactions. Emesec's goal during this period of transition is to bridge the gap between technical security and business information protection/assurance.

BioStik™ from the Technology-makers at Index Security Inc., is dedicated to providing the world with easy to use biometric security products. Their goal is to provide secure, durable, cost effective, and simple security solutions to protect your most sensitive digital information and privacy.

Founded in 1983, AmerInd is an innovative information and engineering services company with a reputation for quality, integrity, and teamwork. Core capabilities include Business Optimization, Enterprise Learning, and Technology Integration. In addition to its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, AmerInd operates at numerous field and client sites throughout the United States.

Founded by Dr. J.R. Beyster and a small group of scientists in 1969, SAIC, a Fortune 500 company, now ranks as the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the nation. SAIC and its subsidiaries have more than 41,000 employees with offices in over 150 cities worldwide.

Founded in 1968, ManTech International Corporation delivers a broad array of information technology and technical services solutions to U.S. Federal Government customers. ManTech focuses primarily on critical national defense programs for the intelligence community and Department of Defense.

NetStar Systems, Inc., a fast-growing Virginia corporation with headquarters in Vienna, was founded in 1998. NetStar is growing rapidly in the Intel and DoD sectors and has provided numerous solutions and staff to many of the Intelligence agencies in the D.C. metro area. Most of NetStar's staff are cleared at the Top Secret or higher levels. NetStar's achievements include implementing PKI-based solutions for the Defense Intelligence Agency and developing "Knowledge Management Delivery" solutions tailored for each client's unique requirements.

Lloyd's of London is a unique insurance provider. It is not a company but a brokered market in which more than 130 underwriting syndicates both compete and cooperate. This combination enables Lloyd's to offer a wealth of choice, knowledge, experience, and expertise under one roof. Lloyd's of London is the world's leading insurance market and the world's second largest commercial insurer and sixth largest reinsurance group.


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