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SM Gateway™ provides a level of protection and access control for organizational resources not possible with existing VPN, firewall, or SSL technologies. SM Gateway™ is the only product that allows digital signatures out of web, email and desktop applications without opening a hole in existing firewalls.

SM Gateway™ achieves this by providing hardened security without changing your network or applications. With its many standard features, SM Gateway™ provides increased security, convenience, and scalability while reducing costs and complexity.

Gives you the highest level of security

  • Includes Embedded PKI™ to transparently identify and authenticate users
  • Transaction-based security ensures secure data submission and retrieval
  • Standard encryption level is 1024-bit RSA for digital signatures and cryptographic key exchange and triple DES for bulk encryption, but this level can be increased to meet customer requirements
  • Seamlessly uses VeriSign-compatible X.509 version 1 certificates that you can store in a local database or on LDAP servers either on SM Gateway™ or on another machine
  • Includes an easily maintained Access Control List (ACL) to allow even email administrators to restrict access to internal resources such as web applications and files
  • Logs and reports all attempts to access protected sites
  • Access to applications using SM Client™ eliminates the need for passwords that are sometimes easily compromised
  • Compatible with other PKI-enabled applications
  • Compatible with biometric devices
  • Provides insurance for transactions by Lloyd's of London for up to $100,000 per transaction (optional)

…with the lowest cost of ownership

  • Lower initial fees
  • No annual license fees
  • No per seat fees
  • Eliminates the need for expensive leased lines
  • No need for expensive maintenance

…and is the fastest

  • Requires no modifications to applications or databases being protected - all configuration changes are made at SM Gateway™
  • Allows disparate technologies (firewalls, digital certificates, and VPNs) to work without affecting their operation
  • Integrates seamlessly with point security products from companies such as RSA Security, Baltimore Technologies, VeriSign, and Entrust
  • Enables centralized authorization management and access control
  • Supports secure remote administration and upgrades

…and easiest to implement

  • Ships as a turnkey appliance; includes the appropriate hardware with the operating system preinstalled
  • Transparent access to applications using SM Client™ reduces complexity for users
  • Remote administration provided by security experts (optional)

SecureMethods' deployment success together with its existing clients, VARs, and partnerships are strong indicators of the market acceptance that makes SecureMethods the choice for secure e-business solutions.

The SM Gateway™ is now in use at IRS computing centers in Memphis and Austin, where the system received three NPR Hammer awards.

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